Pregnant woman feeling happy

I met Sarika in 2011 when she was teaching prenatal yoga. I admired her attention to detail. Sarika would bring a skeleton to class for us to visualize how alignment poses would reflect in our body. When she continued her healing journey and became an Acupuncturist I was eager to be a patient. We have been working on my auto immune issues and have been having excellent progress. I wanted to write a review because in addition to Sarika's intuitive and detail specific skills for healing, she has created a safe space during the COVID-19 pandemic like no other doctor I have been to.


Upon arriving at her space you are temperature checked and sanitized. Sarika is careful to build her schedule to avoid patient over-lap. She uses a UV Light Sanitizer Wand on all surfaces and each room has an AirDoctor filter. She provides the latest updates on how best to prevent the virus and has been an amazing resource through this changing time. When I arrived post pandemic she swapped out my cloth mask for an N95 mask because it is optimal in preventing particle transference. I am so grateful to have her on my healing journey. I give her my highest recommendation.

— Vanessa